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ISO 27001 

What can go wrong? 

Seven Common Problems

Reasons why IL7 say ISO 27001 implementation could fail:

IL7 recognise here are common failings in a project that causes the outcomes to be less than those desired.  These are firstly to do with under resourcing or making assumptions based on opinion, conjecture and not fact or sound reasoning. The main ones are as follows:

  1. Not getting sufficient backing from management. This affects resources for manning the project, commitment from stakeholders to contribute to or review project findings.

  2. Too many documents.  Depending on the size of the organisation if the project produces documents for everything – more than just those that are mandatory – this increases disproportionate cost and introduces unnecessary delay.

  3. Too complex, over-long documents.  These will not be reviewed or possibly even read properly. Keep It Simple Stupid.  

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